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The first creemee I had from Sama’s Cafe in Middlebury was well over twenty years ago.  It was called Lyon’s place at the time.  While the names have changed a number of times since that first creemee, the consistent quality and affordable prices have remained.  In the summertime Sama’s is a gathering place for the entire community.  There’s a rhythm to the flow of customers; college students in the early afternoon, little league teams in the early evening post-game, couples and families after dinner.  The Sama’s creemee is the perfect punctuation to a summer evening.  Whether you are taking one for the road or relaxing on their patio drawing out the last remaining hours before dusk, it has a way of slowing down time.


Middlebury’s not a big town, yet Sama’s has a feeling of being out of the way, a fact I appreciate in a creemee stand.  In August you my well sit for five or ten minutes without a car driving by.  The seating area offers benches and tables if you are in the mood to sit and savor.  A short walk will take you to the falls of Otter Creek, Main Street shops or Middlebury College if you are in the mood to amble.  Having those options is something I’ve always appreciated about Sama’s.  Most creemee stands are either in the middle of nowhere or lack good seating.

Offerings and Price

$2.00 for a small and 25 cents for sprinkles.

Creemee Review

We opted for the vanilla-chocolate swirl with chocolate sprinkles.  Naturally that produced a chocolate dominated creemee, but the vanilla wasn’t completely lost.  The chocolate flavor was a rich mocha which was punctuated by the sweet chocolatey sprinkles.  The small at Sama’s is a pretty good size, definitely making this a good bang for your buck purchase.  The sprinkle coating was perfect.

Located at 54 College Street in downtown Middlebury, the Creemee window at Sama’s is open from 11-8 Sunday through Friday and open until 8:30 on Saturdays. 


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