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Is there any meat (or other item) that is more associated primarily as a supporting actor than pepperoni?  Pizza has meant big business for pepperoni makers, but as this article points out, when chefs use cured meats rarely do they use pepperoni.  There are things to love about chorizo, soppressata and Saucisson sec, but pepperoni can more than stand on its own as a snack or part of a cheese plate.

Vermont Smoke and Cure’s Smoked Pepperoni is one such offering.  In this “Bite” sized form it makes a great snack or addition to an evening dinner party.  We sliced it up to have as a pre dinner snack and found it smoky, spicy and delicious.  It has a nice crunch, with a casing that didn’t tear or peel.  The delicious spicy and lightly oiled taste simmers on the roof of your mouth for minutes after you’ve eaten it, subsiding just as you go back in for another slice.  We’ll be bringing some of this snack to some Superbowl festivities tonight and know it will be gone by halftime.

Verdict: Often the little piggy that stayed home, pepperoni as made by VT Smoke and Cure’s should be a regular at your stops at the market.

Smoked in Barre, we bought this “Damn Fine” pepperoni bite at the Springfield Co-Op for $1.59.  When they expand into the old Saputo plant in Hinesburg, we hope more folks in and out of Vermont will enjoy these bites.  Follow them @VTSmoke for recipes and news.  


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