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It was probably 1999 when I first found out that fresh mozzarella existed, learning that its a far different cheese than a bag of pre-shredded stuff you’d find in the dairy aisle. My exposure to delis was limited to Vermont general stores where I’d place a safe order of a ham sandwich or the like. I definitely had never heard of a caprese salad before. So when a friend opened my eyes to the world of fresh mozzarella I was blown away. The difference between fresh and processed mozz was astounding.

That palate expanding moment happened again when I had fresh ravioli for the first time. Familiar with the frozen packages of ravioli that always seemed to wind up with a chewy texture and clumped together after cooking, I had wrongly assumed that fresh ravioli wouldn’t be much different. Eating these ravioli reminded me of that experience. The pasta here is incredibly light and delicate, soft to the point of almost melting away.  The Quattro Formaggi is unbelievably creamy and holds up well when paired with a marinara sauce.  The Spinach and Roasted Garlic is balanced and anyone who has fears of being overpowered by garlic should find these incredibly pleasing.  The Basil Pesto proved an important player in our meal, dressing up some unfortunately heavy gnocchi with a taste that was nutty, sweet and very fresh.  Definitely give these raviolis a try if you’ve traditionally headed to the freezer aisle out of routine, they might just awake your taste buds.

Made in Proctorsville, purchased for $5.49 (Quattro Formaggi), $5.79 (Spinach & Garlic) and $5.49 (Basil Pesto) at City Market in Burlington.  Check out VT Fresh Pasta’s other products and how they are made at http://www.vermontfreshpasta.com/


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