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Gringo Jacks Smokin Whiskey BBQ Sauce

Our fridge almost always has a bottle of barbecue sauce somewhere inside.  Whether for an impromptu grilling session, or to slather on some leftover pork for a sandwich, it’s a staple.  Gringo Jacks Smokin’ Whiskey BBQ Sauce has been holding that staple spot in the fridge for the past few months.  The sauce has a very bright chili pepper nose.  The tomato base of this sauce stands out and the spices accent more than dominate the tangy sweet flavor.  Perhaps we’re too accustomed to have our whiskey over ice, but we didn’t get a big hit of it here.  The sauce finished with a great medium level heat that lingered, slowly simmering on the tongue.

Verdict: A tasty tangy-sweet BBQ sauce.

Cooked up in Manchester, Gringo Jacks BBQ sauce can be found throughout the state.  Check out their other products as well as their restaurant

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