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Doesn’t salsa pretty much embodies the concept of Think Globally, Act Locally?  Here’s an international food that you can make easily with items out of your own garden.  Which is what Dave from Rutland did with chile peppers in his garden to arrive at this salsa.  Throw on a label depicting a happy sun with a newt crawling on its face, give it a name that indicates it tastes good while also making a reference to your Rutland neighborhood and your good to go.

This salsa met a number of my desires for chip dip-a-bility and taco topping, not always an easy feat.  I probably lean towards favoring a chunkier fresh salsa as my salsa of choice.  But sometimes you don’t want to have to worry about your tomatoes tumbling off your chip and dribbling down your shirt.  Or you want a good coating on your chip, not just a small pile of veggies on the corner. This salsa is like a smoothish gazpacho, a chunky salsa that took a few turns in the blender.  The smokeyness is really what stands about the salsa, it lingers and entices you back into eating more chips, almost counterbalancing some of the heat.

Verdict: They say, “Good for the gut.” I say, “Tastes good in my gut.”

Made in Rutland, we snacked on this salsa after a stop at City Market.

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