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Elmore Roots Nursery Strawberry Jam

How do you define a sandwich?  Is a burrito a sandwich?  What’s the best sandwich ever?  Some people hate these questions and the occasionally inane conversation they inspire.  I get a kick out of them.  Perhaps I’m a lousy conversationalist, but I typically drop a question like these when talk around the table dies down.  You can usually tease out a good story or two from someone at the table who has particularly strong feelings about sandwiches.

Peanut butter and jelly probably ranks in my top five sandwiches and serves as an important measuring stick of the quality of a jam or jelly.  Seeing this jar on the shelf at Buffalo Mountain Co-Op my eye gravitated towards the hand drawn imagery of jam on toast.  That was certainly how the Sapbucket household most enjoyed the jam.  The jam is a light pink, relatively thin in consistency, and very spreadable.  It has a lighter strawberry flavor with a definite undertone of apple, almost in an apple saucey-way.  It was nice and sweet on toast, but didn’t stand up on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  That wasn’t a deal breaker, but it did limit the jam mostly to a companion to breakfast foods.

Verdict: A nice, sweet jam that’s best with breakfast. 

Made in Elmore (where the nursery claims, “If it grows in Elmore, it will grow where you are”) we bought this toast companion at the Buffalo Mountain Co-Op in Hardwick.  Check out their selection of other jams, and what’s happening at the Nursery via Facebook.  


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